Folio Eddie Awards

Family Circle, May 2016 issue
Consumer/Full Issue/Parenting and Family,
Honorable Mention

Modern Life
February 2016, May 2016, July 2016
Best Consumer/Series of Articles/
Parenting and Family

Going to Pot | June 2016
Consumer/Single Article/Parenting and Family, Honorable Mention

Watch Your Back | February 2016
Consumer/Single Article/Health and Fitness, Honorable Mention

I Kept My Cancer a Secret | March 2016
Consumer/Single Article/Women’s Lifestyle, Honorable Mention

What’s Wrong With Me?
Consumer/Series of Articles/Health and Fitness, Honorable Mention

Living With A Hoarder
Folio Awards


National Health Information Award

I Kept My Cancer a Secret | March 2016
Gold Award

Distant Memories | June 2016
Gold Award

6 Reasons You Can’t Drop the Weight | March 2016
Silver Award

5 Things You DIdn’t Know About Autism | April 2016
Silver Award

The Truth About Protein | April 2016
Silver Award

This Story Could Save Your Life | February 2016
Bronze Award

Living With Diabetes | November 2016
Bronze Award

Overexposed? | December 2016
Bronze Award

March 2016 Wellness Issue
Merit Award

Min Editorial Awards

Stroke of Genius | June 2016
How-To/Instructional, Honorable Mention

Family Circle, June 2016 issue
Single Magazine Issue, Honorable Mention